Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Well, let’s not take this Miranda Priestly saying too seriously…

Last weekend we went basically around the corner from our home and took the most beautiful pics of ivi surrounded by hanging flowers, while she was wearing a floral dress. So yes, we went floral for Spring Miranda, and it look awesome!

Floral dresses are a must this season, actually Who What Wear just recently posted how these floral dresses paired with sneakers will be a huge outfit combo for this Summer, so let’s keep that in mind for some following outfits! In the mean time, I now share with you my favorite photos from that day and 4 great floral dress choices I found for you to shop 😉



ivi wears a Old Navy floral dress and baby Gap denim spadrilles

Here’s some great finds on floral dresses for your baby girl!



Short-Sleeve Floral Poplin Dress w/ Bloomers, White, Size 9-30 Months
Stella McCartney Kids Chestnut Silk Flowered Dress Bloomers...


Patterned Jersey Dress $6.99
Patterned Jersey Dress (clipped to polyvore.com) $6.99 USD
Zara Jacquard Dress
Zara Jacquard Dress (clipped to polyvore.com) $15.90 USD
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6 chic backpacks for your baby girl

Hello there!

Just recently found a gorgeous backpack from Zara baby with a confetti print, didn’t actually hesitate a bit and got it for ivi. Why should I buy a backpack for a baby girl? (toddler already I guess, she grows just too fast) Didn’t actually know at the moment, just loved it and got it… Turns out she loved it too! Now she carries it around here and there and whenever she sees it in her closet definitely wants to wear it.

This weekend we’re going away so I’m thinking this could really be useful since she can carry her favorite little toys, some juice, cookies, you name it!

I gathered 6 pretty chic backpacks for your tiny girls to use, not too cute, not too serious, just the right amount of coolness… Take a look at ivi’s photos and my backpack finds!

ivi wears: Tucker and Tate dress, H&M boots, Zara baby backpack.

1. The boho type

Since I loved the confetti backpack from Zara, my first place to look for more cool styles was obviously zara.com… aaaand I found my favorite: boho print, pompons at front, tiny tassels on the sides, not boxy at all, very loose, very free! Even the price isn’t too bad, $35.90 USD.

3065106010_1_1_1.jpg2. The classic type

Found lovely backpacks in Lori Barcelona‘s Etsy shop as well. They are cotton made, handmade, a classic option to look slick and chic. This navy/stars model costs $34.52 USD.


3. The glittery type

Looking for something to stand out from the crowd? Bakker has this beautiful silver glitter backpack, impossible to resist… A bit pricey though, $59.45 USD.

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 16.32.27

4. The tutu-ish type

Want something to go along with your daughter love for dance, ballet and all that? Crewcuts from J.Crew got you covered with this tulle backpack in either classic ballet pink or navy, the only bad thing is that it’s just as pricey as the Bakker one, $59.50 USD.

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 16.40.52

5. The metal type

Boldd Junior has these gold and silver mini backpacks, with just a few studs to get a more edgy look. They are $40 USD each.

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 15.53.36

6. The “take me to the beach” type

Very breezy, very classic at the same time, this one yells beach now please! Perfect for sunny getaways, from Mamoo kids at $38 USD.


Hope this post turns out useful for your next backpack shopping!

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Riding mornings

Hello there!

Glad to be writing again! I want to share with you this morning pictures, ivi woke up with a riding urge haha… I couldn’t get her down her plush bear rocker, she is just so into it sometimes, she even try to fed the bear!

Today she wears a sheer blouse from Zara kids and blue trousers from Peek… (recently posted in my L.A. Trip post as one of my finds), paired with denim spadriles from baby Gap, enjoy ❤