Don’t forget about overalls

As reported, overalls are still in for Spring 2016. Obviously, the site is referring to the use of overalls on women, yet it’s a great excuse for little girls to take advantage of this trend as well!


This piece is great for multiple ocassions and so matchable! Made normally out of denim,  which combines with almost everything, fits perfectly for an afternoon walk, a day at the park, running errands… you name it!


In our case we went to a small town near the city to have some lunch and walk around las Sunday. We bought this little guitar in a small artisan market at the main plaza, and ivi went crazy about it immediately!


Above all things, I love weekends because it’s when we enjoy family time at its best. And of course, ivi as smiley and fun to be around as it is, makes us want the weekend to come even sooner!

Here are some great options on overalls for your little girls to wear, hope you like them as I do!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 15.35.08

OshKosh light denim overalls (the one ivi’s wearing) $17 USD


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 15.48.48

Paz Rodriguez white eyelet overalls, $49 USD

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 15.53.41

Petit Bateau flower print overalls, $43.68 USD

So, which one is your favorite? Let me know! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, @fallingforivi …have a great one!

Active attire for babies?

And I’m not saying babies should be doing burpees and situps as we should, but when it comes to going on a family trip to a national park or a bicycle ride on the weekends, which are the best options for your child to wear?


Last Sunday we went to this beautiful national park outside the city, the weather was a bit chilly (which is odd for May and I already had packed all of ivi’s winter clothing), so this main question came into my mind when changing her. I had very few options since I wanted something chic but comfy and in a stain resistant fabric… We were rushing because it was alrealy late (trying to leave home before 11am on Sunday it’s becoming an impossible task for us :P), so I chose a simple flower jacket from H&M, grey cotton pants and converse sneakers… FAIL haha


Her pants got all wet, her sneakers as well (how did I never think of that possibility?!) …so thanks to this incident I went online as usual and looked for some great options for your babies to wear when going on this kind of trips, hope this helps you out!



Use specialized fabrics: waterproof, dryfit gear, and similar. It’s important to mantain your child dry, and these fabrics help create a barrier to protect your baby’s skin. I found out Old Navy has great active gear even for little ones!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.34.25

Old Navy Active Capri, $14.94 USD

In rainy days, look for waterproof sneakers: Or even better, sometimes boots are a great option as well. I don’t really love rainboots, I find the very stiff for baby feet, but actually anything is better than sandals or in my case, fabric sneakers :S

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.47.43.png

Puma Trinomic XT1 Plus V sneaker, $54.95 USD

Caps: when days are really sunny, this type of item really helps on protecting your baby from sunlight and its effects. Try this or many other options available @zara !


Zara Crown hat, $12.90 USD

Hope you like these great finds! Have you and your kid had troubled outdoors trips like ours? Tell me all about it! …until then, bye!


My first Mother’s Day

It’s Thursday now, Mother’s day was already some days ago, so I’m sure everyone has had enough of all the talks, adds and propaganda around this celebration. Still, I would like to share some pics of what this day was for me 🙂 .


It ain’t actually my first Mother’s day, my girl turns 18 months Today so if we are counting it’s officially my second one, yet I don’t know why it felt like the first. It’s been a year and a half since a tiny beautiful baby girl came into our lives, and I must certainly tell you she has turned my life around. She now talks a lot and likes to express her love with hugs and cute cheek kisses that make up for every mess I have to pick up, every night up, every effort, everything <3.


We celebrated it with a meal with my mom and family, then another meal with my in-laws , and even a beautiful serenade my husband brought for me the night before (where he actually sang! :O ) and my first-ever letter drawn by ivi.


How did you celebrate this day? I hope you all had a great Mother’s day commemorating all the love and care our moms have for us unconditionally…


See you soon!    k.

What to wear to a local market

Farmers’ markets, design markets, food truck festivals, flea markets… there are just too many new options to go out and wanderlust nowadays, so perhaps you may wonder which would be the best outfits to pull out in any event of this kind.


If your city is hot as hell as ours now is, chances of wearing a cool blazer, a scarf or pairing boots even with shorts are nearly unthinkable. Yet, there are fresh and chic options to wear.



I prepared a small group of ideas of what your baby can wear when going to a local market market in a seriously hot day. Let me know your go-to option!


As I mentioned in a past post, the jumpsuit is a great option for this season. In terms of going to an outdoors event like these, this garment is super comfy, and normally comes with pretty cool prints.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 16.42.25

Rylee & Cru peaches jumpsuit, $60 USD


A super fresh option, and chic as ever! Almost all maxidress options that you may find have awesome prints and girly details, with a great flowy look! Check out this gorgeous Old Navy option:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 16.51.59

Old Navy blue floral maxi dress, $14.99 USD


This may not be the lightest option, yet is the easiest to wear and combine. Denim by itself doesn’t need much to feel like a complete look, and if it already has added details like the embroidery on this River Island mini example, your baby will be pretty much good to go.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 16.37.01

River Island mini Denis Playsuit, $32 USD


Mostly a really simple option, but with the right accesories (a cool backpack or statement shoes) this garment becomes the easiest to wear and also the freshest option! This June & January option I found is great.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 17.01.20

June and January tank jumper, $29 USD

Don’t forget to let me know your favorite, and follow us on Instagram @fallingforivi… until next time, adiós!


The tiny superhero

Cheesy subject, I know, but read ahead and you’ll agree with me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to write about this. And since we love bullets and order (or at least I do 😛 ), I numbered 5 ways my daughter has reminded me about living life.

Before ivi was born, I knew almost nothing about babies. I used to see babies dressed up as dolls expected to just stay there still, others dressed up with pretentious statements in their shirts like if they really meant to be this or that. I realize now that as parents we tend to try too hard, or at least we mistakenly try to input a personality into our baby, ignoring they already have one…

Every thought I had about babies changed once ivi came along. She loves, she smiles, she explores, she has a way of being of her own. I then understood that disregarding their age, babies show us who they are and what’s life about for them. You either go along and enjoy life as they do, or miss all the fun.

I decided then to live by this simple 5 rules my tiny superhero teaches me everyday. I hope they work for you too!


1. Smile more often

It’s just so easy to make a baby smile, and they don’t even have in mind all the things we should be happy and thankful for. Let’s keep that in mind show some teeth more often.


2. Be kind

Now that ivi is growing up some more and learning to be part of the family dynamic, she participates joyfully, picking up things and putting them in place. Plus she has kisses and hugs ready for you anytime, no matter if she’s sad or sleepy. The thought of her doing this reminds me to always be kind to others, they don’t know how your day has been, neither they deserve your bitterness.


3. A new world every day

All this may sound cheesy but honestly let’s turn around and see all we have. Have you ever seen a baby get excited with a butterfly, a bird, a plant? It’s so simple you don’t even think about it anymore. Care about our resources and be conscious of how we use them.

4. Laugh, a lot

One of my favourite things is to make ivi laugh, again and again. Her giggles are the best part of my day, and lately it has made me think that I should do it more often, too.

5. Go out and play

We just didn’t go out as much as we used to when we were little, so ever since the weather is nice and ivi enjoys going to the park we’ve been trying to do so as often as possible. Turns out my husband and I have enjoyed these mini trips as much as ivi does! It’s a good change of ambience of being stuck all day inside staring at the laptop screen.

wonderwoman_babygirl_fallingforivi_walkingWhich of the 5 have you applied the most? Let me know! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @fallingforivi

The perfect easy-to-wear Spring item

When talking about Spring items to dress your baby girl, options are plenty, yet somehow is the dress a common choice when it comes to get a little bit dressier.

Sometimes though, I believe that a romper is a great option to dress up your girl and at the same time give her some freedom in terms of movement.

On last Weekend’s photoshoot, we just couldn’t waste the beautiful scenario of a perfect sunny day and the hanging flowers we arranged. That’s why we took some more pictures of ivi wearing a beautiful romper from Zara baby. Take a look!


Stay tuned for more fashion tips and more pics of pretty ivi! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @fallingforivi… Ciao!

Jungle in the middle of the park

Hello again!

So yesterday we went to the park, with a new blouse I made for ivi, out of a jungle printed fabric I love… Too soon for jungle fever? neh, don’t think so… Too weird to find jungle in the middle of the park? Don’t think so either! 😛

My girl surely had a lot of fun at the park, she loves running around so this was like a dream for her haha

What I love about this blouse is the Peter Pan inspired neck detail and the front bow. I made a bit longer than a normal shirt, I actually used a former dress pattern I made for her a few months ago, can you believe that now can be used as a blouse pattern? …Babies grow up so fast!

Inspired on this jungle look I create a couple of Polyvore sets with this same theme, make sure to check them out ahead of this post! And now take a look on the pics:


Hope to see you soon, keep in touch on Instagram, @fallingforivi …have a great one!

6 chic backpacks for your baby girl

Hello there!

Just recently found a gorgeous backpack from Zara baby with a confetti print, didn’t actually hesitate a bit and got it for ivi. Why should I buy a backpack for a baby girl? (toddler already I guess, she grows just too fast) Didn’t actually know at the moment, just loved it and got it… Turns out she loved it too! Now she carries it around here and there and whenever she sees it in her closet definitely wants to wear it.

This weekend we’re going away so I’m thinking this could really be useful since she can carry her favorite little toys, some juice, cookies, you name it!

I gathered 6 pretty chic backpacks for your tiny girls to use, not too cute, not too serious, just the right amount of coolness… Take a look at ivi’s photos and my backpack finds!

ivi wears: Tucker and Tate dress, H&M boots, Zara baby backpack.

1. The boho type

Since I loved the confetti backpack from Zara, my first place to look for more cool styles was obviously… aaaand I found my favorite: boho print, pompons at front, tiny tassels on the sides, not boxy at all, very loose, very free! Even the price isn’t too bad, $35.90 USD.

3065106010_1_1_1.jpg2. The classic type

Found lovely backpacks in Lori Barcelona‘s Etsy shop as well. They are cotton made, handmade, a classic option to look slick and chic. This navy/stars model costs $34.52 USD.


3. The glittery type

Looking for something to stand out from the crowd? Bakker has this beautiful silver glitter backpack, impossible to resist… A bit pricey though, $59.45 USD.

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 16.32.27

4. The tutu-ish type

Want something to go along with your daughter love for dance, ballet and all that? Crewcuts from J.Crew got you covered with this tulle backpack in either classic ballet pink or navy, the only bad thing is that it’s just as pricey as the Bakker one, $59.50 USD.

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 16.40.52

5. The metal type

Boldd Junior has these gold and silver mini backpacks, with just a few studs to get a more edgy look. They are $40 USD each.

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 15.53.36

6. The “take me to the beach” type

Very breezy, very classic at the same time, this one yells beach now please! Perfect for sunny getaways, from Mamoo kids at $38 USD.


Hope this post turns out useful for your next backpack shopping!

See you here soon, don’t forget to follow us both here and instagram @fallingforivi… Besos!

Spring just logged in

Although Spring is still a few days away to officially begin, the feeling (and warmth) of this favorite season of mine is undeniable!

Just Today we were at ivi’s school Spring Egg Hunt, and the choice of costume for this year was a blue butterfly… Classic, always feminine, and besides, ivi just recently received a tulle blue skirt as a gift so …voilà!

Tried my best not to get too excited (I’m a reckless diy-er), but a single craft shop ride was all it took to turn this into a DIY project… Interested in the how-to guide of these beautiful butterfly wings? If you are let me know and I’ll post it!

I would have loved to make this entirely from scratch, but in the real mom’s life you all will agree with me that sometimes it’s impossible! This time all I managed to do was gather the right items, turn a trim of black cotton fabric into a blouse and carefully design and cut these black felt wings… Hope you like the result! Take a look at the pics and don’t forget to follow us in Instagram! @fallingforivi



Falling for ivi goes around: L. A.

Hi there!

Introducing the “Falling for ivi goes around” chapters! My first experience to share: L.A. 😉

Just went there this past Monday through Wednesday, with the main purpose of visiting the L.A. Textile show, it was pretty motivating! So many fabrics, so many textures and prints… Got a bunch of ideas to make right away, some others for this next Fall/Winter and tons of inspo for next Spring/Summer 2017, can’t wait to show you!

 Also got the opportunity to wander a bit around, I’ve only been in L.A. for work so I thought why not going all touristic this time? And so I did! Downtown, Venice beach, Hollywood, I saw a bit of many of this great city’s neighborhoods!

  While going down Abbot Kinney blvd in Venice Beach I found a kinda quirky little store of children clothing, named Burro… Unfortunately I went there at night so of course it was closed haha either way I won’t loose their track!


One thing I always do in eeeevery trip is buying clothes for ivi 😀 …I discovered two brands both cute and different from the normal proposal I’m used to find in big brands: Tucker and Tate and Peek… I like their twist in regular clothes, the softness of the materials they use, and how they help me dress my girl a bit less “dolly” and a lot more cool! I also found a yellow trouser from deux par deux, and you guys know how I am all into yellow, so of course I got it! Here are some of my finds:


That’s it guys, a tiny taste of what L.A. was for me! I got tons of pics and experiences but I think this post would become endless haha see you pronto!

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