Butterfly wings tutorial

Hi, everyone!

Thank you to all of you who asked for the tutorial on the pretty Butterfly wings ivi used for her Spring carnival. I wanted to share a tutorial with you so this Halloween you have another cute option for your girls to wear!

The wings have no specific size since it depends on the baby torso measurement and how big or small you’ll be doing them, but the following steps and PDF will for sure guide you in the process!

What I did to make these wings:

1. Bought a mesh butterfly wing set in the desired color (it can easily be made with a hanger’s wire, covered with color thighs and knotted). You can join both wings with a wire. Don’t forget though to cover the wire to prevent any harm!
2. Cut 4 pieces of each wing pattern on black felt (two for each wing, front and back)
3. Cut out all the wing’s details.
4. Add some white circles, just as real butterflies have!
5. Glue them in each of the sides of the wired wings.
6. Voilà!

I leave you a picture of the wings. I hope this email and my pattern are helpful for you! And if you do them, please share a pic of the little butterfly!

Have a great weekend!



Jungle in the middle of the park

Hello again!

So yesterday we went to the park, with a new blouse I made for ivi, out of a jungle printed fabric I love… Too soon for jungle fever? neh, don’t think so… Too weird to find jungle in the middle of the park? Don’t think so either! 😛

My girl surely had a lot of fun at the park, she loves running around so this was like a dream for her haha

What I love about this blouse is the Peter Pan inspired neck detail and the front bow. I made a bit longer than a normal shirt, I actually used a former dress pattern I made for her a few months ago, can you believe that now can be used as a blouse pattern? …Babies grow up so fast!

Inspired on this jungle look I create a couple of Polyvore sets with this same theme, make sure to check them out ahead of this post! And now take a look on the pics:


Hope to see you soon, keep in touch on Instagram, @fallingforivi …have a great one!

Last weekend : Destination wedding

Hello there!

I’ve been unable to post anything sooner, but I’m back on track! Like everytime we get to go out of town I present to you the weekend getaway report. This time we went to my cousin’s wedding in a beautiful former estate building, about 8 hours away from my hometown, we made a road trip out of it and we really enjoyed it!

For the event i sewed the flower girl dresses for ivi, my goddaughter and her little sister. Draw 2 sketches for the bride to choose, used a gorgeous polka dot tulle fabric I found in my last trip to L.A., made the dresses in a hippie-maxi dress style so they didn’t have that stif/too-formal feeling (I was looking for cool, relaxed sort of look) and add some green details according to the bride’s desire …voilà!

It was my first time doing event gowns for little ones, and let me tell you it sure was tons of work but either way I loved it, can’t wait to start a new sewing project! Here the pics of the flower girls with their dresses, take a look…



It was really a beautiful wedding, we had so much fun!

Will come back with a new post next Thursday, stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @fallingforivi …besos!


Spring just logged in

Although Spring is still a few days away to officially begin, the feeling (and warmth) of this favorite season of mine is undeniable!

Just Today we were at ivi’s school Spring Egg Hunt, and the choice of costume for this year was a blue butterfly… Classic, always feminine, and besides, ivi just recently received a tulle blue skirt as a gift so …voilà!

Tried my best not to get too excited (I’m a reckless diy-er), but a single craft shop ride was all it took to turn this into a DIY project… Interested in the how-to guide of these beautiful butterfly wings? If you are let me know and I’ll post it!

I would have loved to make this entirely from scratch, but in the real mom’s life you all will agree with me that sometimes it’s impossible! This time all I managed to do was gather the right items, turn a trim of black cotton fabric into a blouse and carefully design and cut these black felt wings… Hope you like the result! Take a look at the pics and don’t forget to follow us in Instagram! @fallingforivi



Introducing ivi

Hello everyone!

Glad to finally do this!! It’s been almost over a year since I wanted to share my “no words can explain but I’ll try” mad love to my daughter ivi… Hopefully through every post you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Last week we went for a short walk to our nearest park, and although she was still sick (you might probably see it in her eyes), she was happy and playful around almost every park area… 😂

I made her this cute flower dress, kinda “winter is still here but I can’t wait for the spring to begin” so I wanted to test it around and see how it fits her.

 So this is it guys, hope you enjoy this and our future posts, it’s all about her and our style, the unperfectly perfect beauty of my baby girl… there’s no need to have the perfect shot to share all the things ivi means to me ❤️