The tiny superhero

Cheesy subject, I know, but read ahead and you’ll agree with me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to write about this. And since we love bullets and order (or at least I do ūüėõ¬†), I numbered 5 ways my daughter has reminded me about living life.

Before ivi was born, I knew almost nothing¬†about babies. I used to see babies dressed up as dolls expected to just stay there still, others dressed up with pretentious statements in their shirts like if they really meant to be this or that. I realize now that as parents¬†we tend to try too hard, or at least we mistakenly try to input a personality into our baby, ignoring¬†they already have one…

Every thought I had about babies changed once ivi came along.¬†She loves, she smiles, she explores, she has a way of being of her own.¬†I then¬†understood that disregarding their age, babies¬†show us who they are and what’s¬†life about for them.¬†You either go along and enjoy life as they do, or miss all the fun.

I decided then to live by this simple 5 rules my tiny superhero teaches me everyday. I hope they work for you too!


1. Smile more often

It’s just so easy to make a baby smile, and they don’t even have in mind all the things we should be happy and thankful for. Let’s keep that in mind show some teeth more often.


2. Be kind

Now that ivi is growing up some more and learning to be part of the family dynamic, she participates joyfully, picking up things and putting them in place. Plus she has kisses and hugs ready for you anytime, no matter if she’s sad or sleepy. The thought of her doing this reminds me to always be kind to others, they don’t know how your day has been, neither they deserve your bitterness.


3. A new world every day

All this may sound cheesy but honestly let’s turn around and see all we have. Have you ever seen a baby get excited with a butterfly, a bird, a plant? It’s so simple you don’t even think about it anymore. Care about our resources and be conscious of how we use them.

4. Laugh, a lot

One of my favourite things is to make ivi laugh, again and again. Her giggles are the best part of my day, and lately it has made me think that I should do it more often, too.

5. Go out and play

We just didn’t go out as much¬†as we used to when we were little, so ever since the weather is nice and ivi enjoys going to the park we’ve been trying to do so as often as possible. Turns out¬†my husband and I have enjoyed these mini trips as much as ivi does! It’s a good change of ambience of being stuck all day inside staring at the laptop screen.

wonderwoman_babygirl_fallingforivi_walkingWhich of the 5 have you applied the most? Let me know! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @fallingforivi