Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Well, let’s not take this Miranda Priestly saying too seriously…

Last weekend we went basically around the corner from our home and took the most beautiful pics of ivi surrounded by hanging flowers, while she was wearing a floral dress. So yes, we went floral for Spring Miranda, and it look awesome!

Floral dresses are a must this season, actually Who What Wear just recently posted how these floral dresses paired with sneakers will be a huge outfit combo for this Summer, so let’s keep that in mind for some following outfits! In the mean time, I now share with you my favorite photos from that day and 4 great floral dress choices I found for you to shop 😉



ivi wears a Old Navy floral dress and baby Gap denim spadrilles

Here’s some great finds on floral dresses for your baby girl!



Short-Sleeve Floral Poplin Dress w/ Bloomers, White, Size 9-30 Months
Stella McCartney Kids Chestnut Silk Flowered Dress Bloomers...


Patterned Jersey Dress $6.99
Patterned Jersey Dress (clipped to polyvore.com) $6.99 USD
Zara Jacquard Dress
Zara Jacquard Dress (clipped to polyvore.com) $15.90 USD
I’ll see you again soon people! Don’t forget to follow us on instagram @fallingforivi

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