Your baby can wear stripes differently this season

Yes I know, stripes (and perhaps dots) are the most used pattern for baby clothing. Sweet, thin, straight lines in every color… they’re the easiest to combine, plus they get the outfit completed easily.

Aren’t you tired of those though? I find them way to basic… And with the stripe trend present this season, let’s just not go for the obvious, standard stripe and get creative! Vertical lines, “hand-drawn” maybe, or a mix combo of stripes in different weights may work to look a bit more chic.


I gather 3 different ways for you baby girl to wear stripes, along with some pics of ivi wearing a fresh striped dress. Check it out!


ivi wears an Old Navy Striped front knot dress.


Check out this striped print items:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 17.27.34

“New York style” black stripes t-shirt, from River Island mini, $16 USD

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 17.40.49

Little Remix off the shoulder striped dress, $114 USD

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Do’s and Don’ts of matching your baby outfit with yours

Going all matchy-matchy with your kid is nothing new, it’s been going on for ages and it goes from matching a tiny detail to just seem like you shrunk your clothes and put them on you baby.


Personally, I rather not go all the way, like in this previous pic (matching only our sneakers). A single item or an equal print in different types of garments (your blouse and her skirt perhaps) would do the trick, don’t you think? Many celebrities tend to do this with their kids from time to time, so me nail it perfectly, others just go way too far… Here my 3 big rules of this matching game 😉


Just because you’re going to dress alike with your kid that doesn’t mean you have to dress LIKE a kid. Avoid all childish details in your clothes like overly cute prints, giant preppy bows, and pastel, baby-intended color combos.


Do like Kate Moss and her daughter her, they both wore stripes but according to their adult or teenage style.



Just because your baby is wearing a blouse with a skirt integrated, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same.


As Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter here, use similar types of dresses, according to your age and body type.



Please don’t try to match every.single.thing. It looks like you’re trying too hard if you ask me.


Going all white or in any other color is a great idea to do the matching game in a stylist way, just as Katie Holmes and her daughter here.

What do you think about paired up with your kid to do some team dressing? Tell me about it! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @fallingforivi …see you soon!


The tiny superhero

Cheesy subject, I know, but read ahead and you’ll agree with me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to write about this. And since we love bullets and order (or at least I do 😛 ), I numbered 5 ways my daughter has reminded me about living life.

Before ivi was born, I knew almost nothing about babies. I used to see babies dressed up as dolls expected to just stay there still, others dressed up with pretentious statements in their shirts like if they really meant to be this or that. I realize now that as parents we tend to try too hard, or at least we mistakenly try to input a personality into our baby, ignoring they already have one…

Every thought I had about babies changed once ivi came along. She loves, she smiles, she explores, she has a way of being of her own. I then understood that disregarding their age, babies show us who they are and what’s life about for them. You either go along and enjoy life as they do, or miss all the fun.

I decided then to live by this simple 5 rules my tiny superhero teaches me everyday. I hope they work for you too!


1. Smile more often

It’s just so easy to make a baby smile, and they don’t even have in mind all the things we should be happy and thankful for. Let’s keep that in mind show some teeth more often.


2. Be kind

Now that ivi is growing up some more and learning to be part of the family dynamic, she participates joyfully, picking up things and putting them in place. Plus she has kisses and hugs ready for you anytime, no matter if she’s sad or sleepy. The thought of her doing this reminds me to always be kind to others, they don’t know how your day has been, neither they deserve your bitterness.


3. A new world every day

All this may sound cheesy but honestly let’s turn around and see all we have. Have you ever seen a baby get excited with a butterfly, a bird, a plant? It’s so simple you don’t even think about it anymore. Care about our resources and be conscious of how we use them.

4. Laugh, a lot

One of my favourite things is to make ivi laugh, again and again. Her giggles are the best part of my day, and lately it has made me think that I should do it more often, too.

5. Go out and play

We just didn’t go out as much as we used to when we were little, so ever since the weather is nice and ivi enjoys going to the park we’ve been trying to do so as often as possible. Turns out my husband and I have enjoyed these mini trips as much as ivi does! It’s a good change of ambience of being stuck all day inside staring at the laptop screen.

wonderwoman_babygirl_fallingforivi_walkingWhich of the 5 have you applied the most? Let me know! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @fallingforivi

The perfect easy-to-wear Spring item

When talking about Spring items to dress your baby girl, options are plenty, yet somehow is the dress a common choice when it comes to get a little bit dressier.

Sometimes though, I believe that a romper is a great option to dress up your girl and at the same time give her some freedom in terms of movement.

On last Weekend’s photoshoot, we just couldn’t waste the beautiful scenario of a perfect sunny day and the hanging flowers we arranged. That’s why we took some more pictures of ivi wearing a beautiful romper from Zara baby. Take a look!


Stay tuned for more fashion tips and more pics of pretty ivi! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @fallingforivi… Ciao!

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Well, let’s not take this Miranda Priestly saying too seriously…

Last weekend we went basically around the corner from our home and took the most beautiful pics of ivi surrounded by hanging flowers, while she was wearing a floral dress. So yes, we went floral for Spring Miranda, and it look awesome!

Floral dresses are a must this season, actually Who What Wear just recently posted how these floral dresses paired with sneakers will be a huge outfit combo for this Summer, so let’s keep that in mind for some following outfits! In the mean time, I now share with you my favorite photos from that day and 4 great floral dress choices I found for you to shop 😉



ivi wears a Old Navy floral dress and baby Gap denim spadrilles

Here’s some great finds on floral dresses for your baby girl!



Short-Sleeve Floral Poplin Dress w/ Bloomers, White, Size 9-30 Months
Stella McCartney Kids Chestnut Silk Flowered Dress Bloomers...


Patterned Jersey Dress $6.99
Patterned Jersey Dress (clipped to $6.99 USD
Zara Jacquard Dress
Zara Jacquard Dress (clipped to $15.90 USD
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Off the shoulder: yay or nay?


So sorry for missing my regular Tuesday post! The truth is, I’ve been crazy busy preparing a big project coming ahead, you’ll love it! I needed to write though, or at least share with you these pics of ivi wearing her new off-the-shoulder top… which brings me to the big question: are you on board with this trend for babies/toddlers or not?

Let me tell you my first impression, it is a bit challenging to keep the look immaculate… kids are kids and they move A LOT, we all know that, so probably this isn’t the right trend for them …until I saw the outcome of the pictures, she looks gorgeous!!

In order to use this trend, make sure you find a style with straps on the shoulders and/or loose elastic ruffles, otherwise your baby will just be using the top as a regular strap one (the ruffles all curled up to the shoulders 😛 ).

So what’s it gonna be, yay or nay? Check out ivi’s photos and 3 other styles I found for you to shop and let me know!


ivi wears: Old Navy off the shoulder top, Old Navy linen blend shorts, Adidas Stan Smith infant sneakers

Shop off the shoulder items:

Screen shot 2016-04-06 at 13.10.28

Crew & Lu off the shoulder dress, $49 USD

Screen shot 2016-04-06 at 13.08.37

River Island mini bardot top, $24 USD

Screen shot 2016-04-06 at 12.56.55

Old Navy off the shoulder dress, $24.94 USD