Spring just logged in

Although Spring is still a few days away to officially begin, the feeling (and warmth) of this favorite season of mine is undeniable!

Just Today we were at ivi’s school Spring Egg Hunt, and the choice of costume for this year was a blue butterfly… Classic, always feminine, and besides, ivi just recently received a tulle blue skirt as a gift so …voilà!

Tried my best not to get too excited (I’m a reckless diy-er), but a single craft shop ride was all it took to turn this into a DIY project… Interested in the how-to guide of these beautiful butterfly wings? If you are let me know and I’ll post it!

I would have loved to make this entirely from scratch, but in the real mom’s life you all will agree with me that sometimes it’s impossible! This time all I managed to do was gather the right items, turn a trim of black cotton fabric into a blouse and carefully design and cut these black felt wings… Hope you like the result! Take a look at the pics and don’t forget to follow us in Instagram! @fallingforivi



30 thoughts on “Spring just logged in

  1. Debbie Grace says:

    Found your blog thru pinterest and what a *sweet* little girl Ivi is!!

    I love these butterfly wings you made and have looked thru and don’t see that you posted the pattern yet? Would love to make them for a cutie pie in my life. Thank you!


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