Starring: yellow

Starring: yello
I just love this set! The feminine touch of the @crewandlu top, paired in contrast with the oh so popular @adidas sneakers give a great balance. @stellamccartneykids yellow trousers give just the right amount of cheer 😉
All about yellow this season!
As you guys have seen if my previous Polyvore mini posts, yellow is the color to wear! No tiny one can be led behind on this trend…

Use it as much as desired, mix it up with denim of flower prints, or else just have a pop of bright yellow greatness!

Well aware the Dior sunglasses are not available for babies but would’t it be nice if they existed? Dream on…

Christian dior sunglasses
14,595 MXN –

Introducing ivi

Hello everyone!

Glad to finally do this!! It’s been almost over a year since I wanted to share my “no words can explain but I’ll try” mad love to my daughter ivi… Hopefully through every post you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Last week we went for a short walk to our nearest park, and although she was still sick (you might probably see it in her eyes), she was happy and playful around almost every park area… 😂

I made her this cute flower dress, kinda “winter is still here but I can’t wait for the spring to begin” so I wanted to test it around and see how it fits her.

 So this is it guys, hope you enjoy this and our future posts, it’s all about her and our style, the unperfectly perfect beauty of my baby girl… there’s no need to have the perfect shot to share all the things ivi means to me ❤️